All about flowers

Sunflowers the ultimate in Summer Sunshine

Helianthus the common sunflowercan be grown as a crop for its edible oil and fruits. Often the seeds are used as bird and livestock feed.





Lovely Lily



Summer Flower The Delphinium


Beautiful Delphinium

The botanical name for Delphinium Is from the latin word for dolphin the buds look a bit like a dolphin !!

They are at their best from June to September and the stems come in various sizes, The huge ones make great wedding arrangements and are popular for their floaty romantic looks. Delphinium come in Purple, Blue, Red, Yellow and White, Its a perennial and so if its in your garden you can enjoy it year after year.


This weeks flower is Solidago



Yellow is the happiness colour and makes your arrangement stand out like a ray of sunshine

Some gardeners grow this flower because of its bright yellow flowers and is available in several shades of yello from honey yellow to lemon yellow

Commonly know as Goldenrod in some places these are considered a sign of good luck or good fortune.

Traditionally the flower was used to dye wool and is used to make yellow pigment and dyes

Solidago Virgaurea been used as a medicine for kidney problems

Care Tips for Solidago

This is a strong voluminous cut flower, ideal for mixed bouquets.

Cut off a section of the stem, remove lower foliage and plae in a clean vase with flower food

then enjoy!


Allium, the graceful flower that grabs your attention


A flower that consists of many small star shaped flowers that form a large sphere.

The Allium is in the Onion family, the name goes back to Roman days and Allium is the latin word for garlic. When you break the stem of the Allium, an onion scent is released.

There are many varieties of Allium close to 300 and come in different sizes, shapes and colours. The smallest is about 25cm high and the largest 180cm.

Alliums are available from March to the end of June